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Cooler Master V8 Installation Question

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Patrick    0

Hey folks, I am in the process of upgrading from the AMD Phenom II 1090T x6 processor on the ASUS ROG Crosshair IV motherboard to an Intel i7-5930k on the ASUS TUF Sabertooth x99 motherboard. The old AMD processor uses the AM2 socket. The new Intel uses the VGA 2011-v3 socket.


Obviously the bracket used for the AM2 socket will not work on the VGA 2011-v3. So my question is, anyone if Cooler Master has a bracket for the V8 CPU cooler than will allow me to install it on my new motherboard?


For clarity, I have the ORIGINAL V8.

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Sunday Morning    177



Welcome to CM forum .


As i know .... you have to buy new Air Cooler cause the V8 already EOL ....


And i think ... Would be better if you just contact Cooler Master support service ....

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