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V650 Failure

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Original Complain:

PSU: CM V650

Power Supply Failure after 3 months of normal use.

Computer powered down by itself in the middle of the task and won't power back up. When Power switch is pressed, light flickers for a moment and shuts down immediately.  I did the paper clip test that was on the CM website and it proves that it is a bad PSU.


RMA created and got a Warranty Replacement within a reasonable time although a little longer than i would expect.  I had to ship my failed power supply to CM at my cost which I am not very happy about. I had to go and buy a new power supply from Best Buy to get my PC up and running.  Picked up Thermaltake. 


Warranty replacement Power Supply is DOA.  It has scratches on it which tells me that it is a refurbed unit.  And it came in a Brown Box with no paperwork.  Totally disappointed in the process thus far... I did the paper clip test as suggested on the CM website and it FAILED. It is doing the same thing which my original failed power supply did after 3 months of use. I created a support ticket 2 days ago but haven't got any answer yet.  I tried to call the CM North America toll free number but not getting anywhere.  Keep getting their voice mail asking me to leave a msg which I did.  No answers yet.  


What to do next ??? 


Not happy at all with the whole process...

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