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Wattage meter malfunction?

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ninuhadida    0
PSU power is always given in DC power, a lower efficiency will lead to more AC usage. The reason some requirements are high is because a lot of psu's are utter crap that don't live up to their rating. For instance a 350W sweex can actually deliver 250 W (that's what it sais on the box, you can imagine that being even lower) A quality psu in the 300-400 W range is plenty for most.

yeah my current psu is a piece of crap, it says it's 480w, i read somewhere that it's effeciency is about 60-70% also the voltages are going mad, last time at idle the cpu was at 1.33v when it is supposed to be 1.38v :? and the 12v line sometimes it goes down to 11, and sometimes up to 13v :lol:

so i'm gonna buy a psu, 370w but pure power, also i saw it at the lan party i was, outputting a total watage to power a 3.4ghz lga775, 6800gt (flashed to U) and 2x74gb rap[tor, so i should have no problems for powering up mine.....i'm gonna spend $120 on this thing, but better than having a cpu or something else fried...

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