Troubles with Cooler Master Portal Software (MasterKeys Pro L White)

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CIS4607    0

Recently, our robotics team received this keyboard from a CM employee in exchange for programming lighting profiles, and I have a couple questions.

  1. 1) What is used to create the lighting profiles?
    • Is it the Portal software?
    • Or is the "profile" a written app using the SDK?
  2. 2) Is it normal for the portal software to only allow firmware updates?
  3. 3) When using the SDK, SetLEDColor, and SetAllLEDColor always return false ("Set Single Key Fail!!"/"Set All Key Fail!!") and the LEDs do not change color. Is there a way to get better error reporting so we can determine why?

Below are images of the errors described:

Detailed in (3) - post-107985-0-47405800-1472418697_thumb.png

Detalied in (2) - post-107985-0-84573600-1472418702_thumb.png

Thank you for your assistance!


P.S. Code to Illuminate "Q" Key through use on Visual Studio and SDK.  Compiles and runs, but has no effect:


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Pierre    0

I do have the same problem with my Masterkeys Pro L White and Portal v.0.52 and v1.00 : Only firmware update is possible. I use Windows 10 (1607).

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Mohd Noh    29
13 hours ago, Marcos Felipe said:

I have the same problem with my masterkeys pro M white ``layout fail`` can`t update (1.06), I use windows 7 ultimate



Can you print screen the error? 

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