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Alcor mouse, Triple/Double middle/scroller click

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I have a new ALCOR mouse, When i click on Scroller in 20-30% of cases i get 2 or 3 clicks.

For example, if i want to close/open a new tab in Google Chrome, It might open 3 tabs or close 3 tabs at 1 click.


And, this is not a mouse settings - this is not a configuration problem, and this is not a double-click behaviour.

Please, dont reply with the "Did you check mouse configuration"...


This is a physical bug ... And i need 1 explanation, Why this mouse too expensive if he cant work fine for 2 months ????

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Adrian    0

I know it's a bit old topic but it seems that I've resolved these problems!

I've uninstalled my mouse drivers from Device Manager window (mouse stopped working), unpluged mouse, connect it again and then I've installed drivers from here: I've installed Alcor FW V3.2.1 driver and my middle mouse button works great again!


I hope this can help you or somebody else with same problems.

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Hi, i know that this is even an older topic but after my mouse went crazy - double and triple clicking with ALL buttons i finally think to found a solution. The upper solution with uninstalling drivers and flashing new firmware seems to work only temporary and even in my case stopped working completely at some point.


So i started searching for other solutions and some guy suggest to spray the omron switches with WD-40. I did not have anything to lose so i try that and voila! Since that no double clicking or triple clicking on any button! I know probably this will be temporary again, also better solution is to open the switches and clean them but i think for a first try this is really easy and fast solution.


Two weeks later - double, triple clicking free :)

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