Stuart Lee

Maker 5 Led Controller

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Stuart Lee    2

I bought Maker 5 and migrated from 690 III and it's a breeze to work with... Stashing the cables has never been so fun!


it comes with the red colored Led strip. and since it has 3 more empty slots, will there be more colors to be purchased ?


I comes from Malaysia.


May i include some suggestions as colors?


- White

- Blue

- warm white


Red is nice, but the more you look at it, the more eye strains you get. Thanks!


Hope this colors i suggested will release ASAP. 


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John Mackey    0

There was a Admin who posted that they are available in Europe I believe it was for 19 and some pounds. But the ones for which he posted a link for was with the Sata power connector and the ones at least for my case is the 2 pin connectors as that is what gets connected to my Led/fan  controller. The colors were red, blue, green and I believe white. IIRC.


And your right it was a breeze to work with.  I love the case and hope that I can get a couple of blue led sticks soon.

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