Cooler Master Pro 5

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Critrying    0

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me here today on the community forums!


I am starting an upgrade to my current build. My first step if finding a case that has some customization tools.


I'm looking at the Cooler Master Pro 5!

Reasons you may ask?


1) Modular, remove DVD/CD /HDD drives for a more roomy fit

2) Airflow / amount of space in the case

3) MNPCTech Racer build found on Bill Owen's site.

4) Liquid cooling mount 


I'm going for a "Diablo" Theme build. I used to play Diablo 2 and if I could go back to those days oh jolly Christmas i'd be in paradise.



In regards to Bill's racer build, I loved all the custom things he was able to do. 360 RAD in front, the ignition switch / valve on the front i/o shield, and the AMAZING colours of the case!


Is there a specific "grit" that should be noted for sanding down? I have the primer / paint all set up and good to go. But I'm afraid of sanding TOO much.




THANKS IN ADVANCE!! Best community ever. I love you guys.

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Pclinde    197

Hi Critrying,


Thanks for the kind words! :D I would start with a grit around 320 or 180. :) Or myabe something like this


Kind regards,


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