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dracos    0

Click the "WWW" icon at bottom of my post...

and Yeah.. you missed it, and Don't worry, you are not the first to miss it!!

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Guest Mindless Moron   
Guest Mindless Moron

very nice looking, congrats on your third son.

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dracos    0

OCTOBER 8th Done

OK.. been a while for updates, it's been about 7 months for this project... WOW... time flys...

OK, these are the finished bay covers... Only 1 will actually be working, as I am only putting 1 drive in the system, you can see I decided to do something a little different with them, I added a bit of texturing with dremel before painting.. Primer,paint,clear etc..



Here is the opposite side window, which would be the left side, I wanted some sort of etching on it, but I didn't want anything that would obscure the view of the computer inside, so I did a little custom work, I think it came out very good.



Here is the PSU, it is a 500Watt Xblade Psu, it had a clear plexi window in the side with the Xblade logo on it, I decided to replace it with mirror plexi and etch the back side so light shows through, I carried the window etch to the PSU as well. I choose the Xblade PSU becuase it is not that bad quality and it has UV reactive colorful wiring, I also removed two of the LEDS from the fan, the green and red ones which left two blue leds, you will see in the finished pictures it works well with the rest of the lighting



Next up is wiring and lighting, I sleeved the front panel wires with UV reactive yellow sleeving and routed them so they would come out in the middle of the four fans in the front, I also sleeved the audio and USB cables the same way. There is a total of 4 UV ccfl in there and 1 mini laser UV led.



Here is a pic of 2 of the UV ccfls's on the bottom of case, the mirrored bottom helps reflect more light...


Can you find the switch? It is the little red square, it controls 2 of the ccfls


Here is the UV LED light onthe top of case, and more "hidden" wiring....


Some of you may have wondered what exactly what the theme was here, well it was ME, things I like, things I enjoy......

AND NOW...(Drumroll Please) May I present Dragonsteel.....









AND now, let's turn the lights out and turn the system on........Look at the prettty lights...








Well that's that...... it was fun, and lots of tedious work......

This is just a small portion of the pictures, there are about 50 more on my site and they are bigger!!!!

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ID    0

WOW. The work that's gone into that case is amazing. Nice job man.

I gotta be honest though, I think it's almost too busy. I mean, all the work is stunning, but it looks like the etches and other mods almost compete with each other for a theme. It's almost like this one case should actually be three seperate cases.

The lighting is really nice. Did this mod take you the longest dracos?

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dracos    0

Yes it's taken the longest..

and there really isn't a lot of lights, the mirror on the bottom makes it brighter, and the UV reactive cables brighten the case up as well..

THere is 3 straight UC ccfl's, 1 round 80mm UV ccfl in drive bay, the smal UV LED at top of case..

there are two leds in the psu fan and 1 inside the psu itself, the fan controller is a Vantec with built-in leds, and the two that I put in front for power and hdd...

I removed all the leds that were in all the fans, and the PSU fan actually had 4 leds in it, but I took two of them out...

The white inside chassis and mobo tray is actually coated with a new reflective clearcoat from Rust-oleum and then with regular clear coat....

as for too busy, well that is in the eye of the beholder, I didn't make it to please everyone else, I made it for me after all.....

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