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Clear Plexi DVD rom mod...

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dracos    0

I finally made it to this forum.......

Well here is one of my current projects, started on March 3rd, and still in progress....

nd even with the stitches in my hand, I just couldn't help myself...

Here is what I have so far... this is an abbreviated version.. you can see the entire worklog on my site (more details etc)

Here is the Victim.. Artec 16x Dvd/cd Rom drive...


And here it is taken apart...


Here is the Chassis BEFORE DREMEL


Here is the start of the Bezel


Here is the Chassis after the Dremel got to it...



Here is the 18x24 piece of Lucite Plexi being preped for Cutting..


I used a small torch to heat and bend the Plexi to create the Housing of the drive...



Here it is all bent to shape, but still needs trimmed and glued..


And here it is Trimmed and being glued together with Weldbond..


I have a little bit more done, but the pics are still inthe camera right now... will probably update my site and this log later today hopefully....

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dracos    0


Working on the dvd rail lately.... Cut with Hole Saw Attachment on drill... finished with file and 'burned' the edges to get clear look.

The glue is drying on the tabs now, I attached the tabs later, as i wanted the hole to be uniform..

Here is pic of making of Tag that hold the thingie in place that holds the cd/dvd


Here are pics of the Drive rail almost complete...

Decided to make the 'thingie' that holds the cd/dvd also plexi, I am trying to mold the plexi around it now actually... ::Burned my fingers::



And here is the Front Bezel, almost complete... filed it all down nice and smooth and burned the edges to clear.. need to cut the holes for button etc yet...


OK.. now time to start the cd/dvd tray.. This will not be fun.. going to do it in stages though..

Here is the first piece all finished!!



Well that is it for today, I get my stitches out tomorrow.............

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dracos    0

UPDATE TIME...............

OK... Bottom part of cd tray now bascially complete.. a little details to work through



And I have been working on the case.... needs more details done, need to work on with the file...



And now I have been working on the 'grommet' that holds the cd in place while spinning.

I still have not figured out what exactly it is called.....

Here is before cutting..


Here is my makeshift mini-ginder.. works very well....


And here is the 'thingie' being glued together...

it is in three parts.. the two parts being glued together are going to be beveled together....


Weldbond is the adhesive I am using, it dries crystal clear.. will see some lines, but it will have a water effect...

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dracos    0


This is actually a couple days of work here... been bouncing back and forth between pieces, letting glue dry etc...

OK..The first gear finished.. here is the work...




Here are the shots finished before assembly....



And here are the shots DONE, yes I test fit it, and it seemed to work ok, manually.. won't really know till fully assembled


And here is that little grommet thing, that holds the dvd/cd in place, weights are in place now...It is actually finished, but I didn't take a pic of it, the glue is drying now... next update...


OK.. THE TRAY is DONE.... I opted for something a little different.. call it an ICE TRAY...

Here are work pics first then the finished pics...



AND here are the 'Money' shots!




I'll let you guys figure out how I did the ICE effect...

and I will post a pic of the tray in the chassis next update... But it does look cool in the chassis....

remember you can see more details on my site...

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dracos    0

Well the actual housing is pretty much done, a little clean up to do and that's about it...

I did the top of it clear, and the bottom and parts of the sides with the 'Ice' effect..

And here are the pics of the whole thing, from different angles...




And here is the side view.. pic not that great.. will re-take when completely cleaned up!


And here is the Bar that hold the cd in place while spinning, I glued two of the parts together..


Well ok, I decided to re-do the chassis, I originally had planned to leave it be, and just trim any excess plastic off of it, to make it thinner looking....but when I got done, I looked at it and said.. the :) with it........ so here goes...

Here it is after cutting apart and getting the plexi ready..


And here is the back of it bent with torch, ready to go...


And here are the back and siderails being glued together, with Weldbond of course!


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dracos    0

OK... The dvd tray is complete..I added the 'ice' effect to parts of the tray as well that I could..



OK..Now working and finishing the actual Bar that holds the dvd's in place....



And I have been working on the chassis, this is turing out to be a tough one!!

you can see the pieces I made for it, and some creative plexi bending I had to do..

The 'L' shaped pieces are the stops for the tray actually, on the read of chassis.





That's it for now... glue drying etc.. need to make some more parts..

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dracos    0

OK... here we go, did some plan changes to this project, decided that the whole Clear plexi gear thing was neat, but pointless, as you won't really see them at all, so all the work will be done for nothing really, so I decided to take a different approach, let's add some color to this thing, clear and white were BLAH... so how about some BRIGHT ORANGE!!!??

I threw a few coats of paint on the gear housing and then put some Weldbond on it, to give it a gloss/Ice effect to match the rest...





OK, I started assembly... had to notch the spaces for the hinge on the tray, and then I had to creat a Locking Mechanism to hold it in place.. Tiny bars of plexi worked well for the locks!!



I just added Tray Guides to both sides, and need to create small brackets to hold the tray down close to the optical read head, but glue is drying now on the guide rails so I will take care of that when the glue dries!



as always, there are more pics on my site...

and lots of people mentioned LEDS should be in there as well....

SO.... I got some really cool ones, VERY BRIGHT, I got them as a review item from Sunbeam, they are the NEW LED SCREWS, should work out well, now just need to figure out how to get them in there!!!!!!!!

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Mr. Miyagi    2

Welcome to the forums. I'm glad to see that you've made it! :D Awesome job so far! I can't wait for more!

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Osiris    0

Man just when i think i have seen it all now this(Very cool)

cant wait to see more pics.

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