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case painting giude

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ninuhadida    0

so because of the lack of case, ect sprayng giudes, i'm gonna do the shortest easiest way to learn how to spray a case for you favourite color.

so how to spray?:

first go out and buy:

120grit sandpaper (dry)

600grit sandpaper (wet)

1 spray can of primer can (what color you want)

2 spray cans of normal can's (what color you wnat)

so first thing you should do is - sand the steel with the 120grit sand paper (dry) until you see bare steel. after spray with the primer can, leave to dry for 30-60minutes. then sand the primer with 600grit sandpaper (wet surface) btw, don't sand until you see steel again. then spray with the normal can. ;eave it for again 30-60minutes to dry. then re-sand with the 600grit (wet) and spray again with the normal can. you can do this everytime for each coat, normally i suggest 4coats, and obiously don't sand the last coat.

i would post some new pics of my case + muskeeter how to spray it, and some other buits and pieces... :wink:

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id disagree with a good bit of that.

Me too. This just ain't right. There are a number of very good painting guides around -- there isn't any shortage if you know how to Google. This just looks like a rush to see something posted in the Modding How-To forum.

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