Cooler Master Nepton 240M noisy.

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So, I bought a Nepton 240M there is around one month ago, but I could only install it last monday.
For the first day, it was perferct : awesome performance, no problem. But tuesday, it started to be really noisy, i let it run 2 without doing anything, hoping that it could maybe solve the problem (I'm a newbie in watercooling, but I've hope). So, today (thursday), I tried to solve it. As I read it could have been a bubble, I layed it on the side, it's a bit better, but not that much.


Oh, and I verified, that's the pump who makes such noise, not the fans.


There is a sound preview, if that can help anyone identifying the problem :


If you know if that's the normal sound, or anything tell me. :)



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CM Patrick    34

Hello Sheep_Knight,


The pump for your Nepton definitely should not be making any noise aside from a slight humming sound.


If it continues to make noise then please submit a support ticket though CM Fanzone so we can assist you in getting a replacement.


CMUSA Support

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