HAF X 360mm radiator fitment

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Hey guys, I have been searching all day at work but I can't seem to find an answer so I figured I would ask here.


I recently swapped out a 240mm AIO water cooler (which mounted perfectly in the top of the HAF X) to a 360mm which fits, but I noticed that the top metal of the case doesn't overhang where a 360mm ends, so that side has no way to mount it securely.


Is this ok to only have 2/3 of the radiator secured with the mounting screws? or if not, how are we supposed to properly mount a 360mm radiator?


Thanks and I apologize if this is a stupid question...

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Some users have mounted a 360 mm radiator for water cooling which is what I'm considering in one of my HAF X cases - I may not but am looking into it.  Below is a Youtube film I've saved to my account which shows the 360 mm radiator being fixed to the top of the case with 4 screws.  I've got no idea if this was secure or not but it looked it.  From what I can gather is the top case fans come out and the 360 mm radiator goes into to a degree the top 5.25" drive bay.  I've measured there is 41 mm where an optical drive would go so if the radiator is 25-38 mm thick in depth it may fit - But then there is the depth of the fans as well which is 360mm [120 mm x 3] remainder 40 mm approx. for the rest of the radiator chassis.


I've got HAF X cases and also V8 V2 and Nepton 140 XL - Have a look and mention what you think - Maybe Cooler Master could make something that has better cooling than the 240 mm that would tame the AMD 9590 and support 400 W 


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