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MSI K8N Neo2 chipset cooling suggestions?

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Here's some pics. The tubing looks a bit strange. It's clear, and the liquid is a pinkish purple from the Water Wetter and algaecide.

Please ignore the nasty wiring. I just moved the stuff to this case last weekend, and cleaning it up is this weekend's project :D

Shot where you can almost see everything. The res is on top, and the pump is on the far right bottom.


Closeup of the northbridge and GPU squeeze.


View of the outside. I need to get a black dual layer DVD writer to replace the silver one, and a black Cool Drive 6 lite for the 120GB WD drive.


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Thanks for the advice and pic's, looks like it should fit as your waterblock takes up way more room than mine, are those 1/2" or 3/8" ID lines? mines 1/2" ID. Is your setup pump>rad>res>vid>cpu>chipset? Not sure what my routing will be yet, res>pump> then whatever works best after that. Whats your temps? I'll post pic's and temps when I get the parts, could be a while yet. Are you going to install a window or leaving the stock side panel?

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