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On 27.11.2017 at 5:04 AM, Adrian Cordero said:


I have looked for tempered glass panel, ssd mounting brackets, drive cages... can’t find anything online for masterbox 5. Very sad.




You can find Spare Parts for the Case @ CMStore!

I don't know if the Tempered Glass side panel of the Masterbox Lite 5 or the Masterbox Pro 5 fits!

The Masterbox 5 has definitly no drilling holes for the Tempered Glass Sidepanel screws!

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Posted (edited)

Hi all,


I have the MasterBox 5 Pro version connected to Asus C6H. Everything regarding the RGB works fine with the Asus AURA SW. Unfortunately from the Bios i can only adjust the speed of the back panel fan as it is directly connected to the MB. The other 3 are connected with the splitters and i cannot do anything in Bios for them. They are connected as such: 

1. One on the motherboard for the RGB

2. To the power supply. 


Is there something that I am missing?

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