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Centurion 5 LOUD

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orion23    0


I just built a new PC using a Centurion 5 Windowed!

I love the case, I think it is pretty cool.

Just two things I really hate:

1: Centurion Logo on the side window, (What is the purpose of the window)

That logo is too big! :x I hate it.

2: The case is a little loud IMO.

I replaced the 120MM fan with a CM Blue LED thinking it would help but no-go.

The CPU cooler I'm using is the new Zalman 7700 HUGE Series and it is very silent.

I also have a Radeon 9700 Pro that isn't used much.

I'm guessing the noise comes from either the 80MM front fan, or the PSU


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Did you try to switch out the 80mm front intake to one of our LED 80 TLF-R82 series? I find that will reduce a lot more noise than the stock fan.

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darude_boy    0

you first need to locate the source of the noise. presumably it is a fan creating the noise so try slowing each fan down. I have a Centurion 5 and it is absolutely silent :D. Cases dont make noise hehehe

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