Anyway to fix the Caps and Scroll lock key on the Masterkeys Pro?

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Francky    0

Hey guys,


Just recently got the Masterkeys Pro S and I'm very happy with it, pretty much exactly everything I wanted in a keyboard and it replaced my Corsair K70.  (Just wished the version with Blue switches had been available and not 2 months back-ordered here in Canada)


The only Big flaw I can see it the lack of lighting on the Scroll and Caps Lock key when turned off.  Which as we all know is ALWAYS.


Corsair had a very simple and elegant solution for this.  The K70 featured a couple of extra buttons, a mute and windows lock button, yet even when off these remained lit to the color set by the user and simply turned to white when turned on.  If I remember correctly, if the keyboard was set to white, I think then, they simply when to black when turned on.


Any chance this could be done corrected thru a firmware updated?  Or perhaps simpler yet,  anyone know of a way of cheating this in Windows and have them work in reverse, so that they remain lit when actually off?  This could perhaps be the simplest solution.  :)


Thanks guys,



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I also agree the caps lock  gets me into all sorts of trouble trying to access my cryptdata  on POP  OS," is it on or is it off." I have had to get another keyboard just to access my computer

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