Maker 5 Case HD LED Not Working

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BoulderJ    0

The HDD activity LED on my front panel is not working.  All other buttons and LEDs are working. Has anyone else had this problem?  Any suggestions or do I need to replace the front panel?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi BoulderJ. That is a good one. On my first installation mine did not light up at all. I check my motherboard manual, and check pin +/- orientation. These light is dual use. One is to see that the computer is on, and HDD activity. (unless mine is broken). If you correct connect the System Power LED will stay on (red) if you connect the HDD activity led correct, will blink with hdd activity on 1 led. BTW if you invert the polarity of the System power LED none will work!


If someone have these differently please post also!.

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