Firmware and Software Error -2 "The System Cannot Find The File Specified"

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Hello everyone,


Today, suddenly, my Recon mouse decided to lose it's speed settings and barely move on the desktop. Naturally, I opened and closed the application; all the speed settings were normal. I unplugged and plugged in the mouse again: no good. So I figured I'd just uninstall and reinstall the drivers and software. 


Well, they no longer reinstall. Both the firmware and the software, when I try to install them, give me the error "Error -2: The System Cannot Find The File Specified" and it closes. I've tried it as admin and with various compatibility options: nothing works. Since I was able to install this software just fine originally, and am using *the same* files, why does it suddenly not work? The error doesn't even make sense. The installer can't find it's own file, contained within itself??


Now, I tried reverting to a restore point from yesterday, but then when trying to open the software I get an error saying that the application I'm trying to access requires a network resource that is no longer available. I also can't reinstall in safe mode, because it says the installer service isn't installed. 


I'm running Windows 10 Pro (x64), and it's given me a lot of random grief so far with a lot of software. 


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