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So How Long does it Take

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To get a replacement part ?


I have had several Cooler master cpu coolers over the years.   My old system has had seizure.  May it rest in Peace !.   So I ordered a new Cooler master enclosure - " really super good quality" and I know I'll have it for years.   Went to install the my new  Cooler Master Hyper 612 cpu air cooler, and found that the Doc doesn't include my LGA1151 in their doc.  So found out that Its the same as  a LGA1150.  Easy now - Note that I found this out by browsing this forum.  Went to install the cooler, but one of the standoffs has a quality issue (the external threads are under size).   Took a day to figure out how to order a replacement part..  On Monday morning I registered this cooler and was able to order a replacement part.  Well Its now Tuesday afternoon and my part request is still pending approval.  


How long does it take  ?  for them to approve and ship a $.20 part, that somehow made it thru their Quality assurance program (If they even have one), and get to my house so that I can finish this build and replace my old WIN 7 machine. 


Been thinking about going out in to the shop and make a replacement part.   But it will take me 4-5 hours in the ARIZONA HEAT to get it done. Not something I look forward to !


This kind of reminds me of when I was waiting for m;y Son to be born !!!!



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CM Patrick    34

Hello Roger,


Part request usually do take 24 hours to be approved. According to our records, it appears your part request was approved on 6/28 and shipped out on 6/30 via USPS.


You should have received the tracking number though automated email.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.


CMUSA Support

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