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CM Storm Reaper metal wheel

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*A salute to all my readers*


First of all, thanks to Cooler Master for the great products they offer, for me it's the best company when it comes to quality design and personalization, keep up going strong! 


So I've got this mice called CM Storm Reaper (which will end its guaranty soon) and wanted to know why it went discontinued, If due it being too old since release or it has to do more with a marketing move, etc. Also, I would like to know If this is the only mice in the market with a metal wheel (since this is what called my attention and one of the reasons I bought it), as in my local store it is, effectively. Btw, I really like the mice, the other ones were cheap and the rubber/plastic wheel would always go crazy at scrolling so I decided to go for this wheel sturdily reinforced mice (to kill the bird with a shotgun, lol).


Cheers, º ºº.

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Pclinde    197



Lol @ kill the bird with a shothgun. The Reaper is very solid, never owned one myself, but I share your opinion. :D


It's discontinued due the release of new products. :)




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