Bios configuration: Cooler Master Nepton 240M

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Benjamin    0

Hi everyone,


Last week I built a PC with a Cooler Master Nepton 240m and a Asus Maximus VIII Hero.

Installation went fine but I'm a bit puzzled on what settings I need to use for the pump and on what header I should install it.


I installed the pump on CPU and the fans on CPU_OPT. I noticed a loud buzzing sound until I changed the DC to 60%. (It runs on around 2600/2700rpm then) If I put it on 100% the rpm goes up to 3000/3200 rpm. 


On what RPM should the pump be on? Does anyone have experience on installing this on this particular motherboard?

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CM Patrick    34

Hello Benjamin,

The pump is a 3 pin connector so it is designed to operate at maximum RPM all the time. You may be able to adjust the RPM in BIOS but it is not necessary .


I would also suggest looking at this guide.


CMUSA Support

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