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Nepton 24m Compatibility with CM 690 II

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Hello all,


I am the owner of a CM 690 II Advanced (or basic I dont quite remember) and I would like to install a Nepton 240m as a CPU cooler.

I would only install the cooler on top of the case just above the CPU.

I have checked the case compatibility list of Nepton 240m and it states that it is compatible with the CM 690 III but I am not aware of the differences between this case and mine to know if my case is also compatible with this cooling (placing it on top that is).

Can you help me answer the question? 

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Sunday Morning    174



Welcome to CM forum 


You can check our old thread :


and this one also :


For Seidon 240 m : Radiator Dimensions 273 x 120 x 27 mm (10.7 x 4.7 x 1.1 inch)


For Nepton 240m : Radiator Dimensions 274 x 119 x 27 mm (10.8 x 4.7 x 1 in)


No issue at all the Nepton 240m can sit into your chassis .



For more detail Contact Cooler Master Support services ,they will assist you :)



Hope this can help 

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