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Sunday Morning    174
On 1/1/2017 at 4:18 AM, Krnt said:

Hi, I just installed my new CM MasterAir Maker 8.

I love the leds, and is very quiet with good performance just a littlebit short for my FX9590 in heavy workloads, so I'm wondering if there could be a future optional 140mm bracket to install a MasterFan Pro 140 Air Pressure







Nice looking , anyway Bro you can post it at suggestion section :)

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Sean Settle    0

No, as far as I can tell is cannot be upgraded with 140mm fans.  I specifically bought two MasterFan Pro 140 Air Pressure fans and the brackets don't fit.  Very misleading and disappointing!

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This cooler is a great performer, and I have put some nice fans that have a lot of static pressure to get some good performance.  I wanted this cooler as soon as I read about it, and even had to buy a replacement motherboard just to fit this beast.  I even tried replacing this with a 360mm aio cooler, but went back to this since it rocks so much.  I'm a proud owner.


I have had this cooler for about a year on a computer that is on 24/7 and have run into a problem.  The Cooler Master logo started to get dimmer and dimmer and dimmer.  Being one who likes to tinker with things, I took it apart.  I found the LED's being connected to 12V and found three 5mm LED's in series with no current limiting resistors.  A very bad design indeed.  The LED's are probably being over-driven for the sake of brightness.  I figure it's not a question of if the LED's will fail, but a matter of when. After doing some testing, the white LED finally failed and all 3 LED's went dark.  I've since replaced them with some pretty cheap LED's that have resistors for 12V operation.  It's all I had on hand, and these aren't ideal but I'll get better ones later on.   Considering the price of this cooler I'm disappointed this was done so cheaply.  Hopefully Cooler Master will take this feedback and design LED's to last in future products.


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