Should there be air inside an AIO loop?

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Not too long ago my gpu "shorted" or broke and i am now trying to find the cause.

After sending it in to the dealer i bought it at, they presume that there is some kind of liquid resedue on the back of the card, and are telling me that the warranty does not cover liquid-damage(which is fine i suppose). The issue is that i dont know where this liquid originates from. So the only possible suspect right now is my CM Nepton 280L, i believe its called. I have not been able to spot any visible liquid spillage in my case or on other components, but after taking the cooler out of my case i hear that there is quite a bit of air in the loop.

Is this normal, or is my gpu-killer the liquid cooler?


Also, are there any ways to test for leakage with the cooler outside of my computer?


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Hey Man


Welcome to CM forum .



My suggestion try sent out the ticket , tell them regarding this issue .



Can you upload some picture Nepton 280L ?

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