Puriel - Fiery, Pitiless, and unique.

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Scratch builds are awesome--just look at all the submissions in this forum.  They showcase creator's minds, but also stand as a testament to the their passion and drive.  Puriel is is an angel in Hebrew mythology described as fiery and pitiless. I like to name my mods after angels as each one is unique.  Fiery certainly describes the passion we have as scratch builders, and our art certainly can be pitiless to our time and money. :)


Rather than deluge everyone with a wall of text, I would like to present a four part video that serves as my worklog for this project.


If you are as curious about what into my project as I am for all of yours, have a look.  I appreciate your time and I am estactic to be a part of this competition.







EPISODE 1 - Conjuring the design



EPISODE 2 - Shaping the materials



EPISODE 3 - Celebrating the hardware



EPISODE 4 - Assembling the sculpture


Thanks, and good luck!

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