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yesterday I have built my first mini itx case.


Below are the list of updates i would like to see in Cooler master Elite 130.

  • Most of the Intel 100 series Mini ITX boards have a m.2 ssd slot on the back of the motherboard. This makes installation of the m.2 ssd difficult as the motherboard would have to be removed and is a very time consuming effort. It is better to have a access panel on the bottom of the case to make the installation easy
  • Would love to see a completely detachable ODD drive bay instead of the fixed one. This would improve the space utilization inside 
  • The case has USB 3.0 cables which are very hard and upon complete installation puts strain on the motherboard connector while doing cable management and after mounting the PSU. 
  • The chassis fan power cable is a simple 2 pin connector fan. Good to have case fans with 4 pin connector as these would allow for variable air flow based on the temperature. Though it adds to the price of the case it makes sense to have in mini itx case very space is congested and air flow is crucial.
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I have a few additional requests for a future revision of the Elite 130 as well:

  1. A significant reduction in the length of the case from 15.69" to approximately 11.25", similar to the Silverstone SG13B, where long graphics cards can fit up to the backside of the plastic front panel because of a cutout on the front part of the steel case.  This would make the case much more space efficient without significantly impacting compatibility.
  2. A single front panel headset jack to replace separate front panel headphone and microphone jacks.  Many new prebuilt computers come with this feature and I would like to use my new TRRS headphones (which include a microphone) without an adapter cable (TRRS to 2x TRS).
  3. Add thin magnetic dust filters to protect all of the air vents in the case.
  4. Add a side panel window to the left side of the case (ventilation holes or slots optional) large enough to show off the graphics card inside without showing all of the cable routing around the graphics card.

To reiterate Satish's request regarding the USB 3.0 front panel header cables, I would like to see a new USB 3.0 header plug connector developed which could be rotated up to 90 degrees so as to not put any strain on the USB 3.0 header cable when routing the USB 3.0 header cable through the tight area underneath the PSU.

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I have this very same case too! Although planning to get the Cosmos II in a far future (If still available in my local store :sad1:, otherwise I'll just have to wait for new cool all formats supported cases to come out  :happy7: ).

I would like to add as suggestion If there's a chance to improve the HDD bay position in order to let the largest GPU to be fit in place at its side (just in case any of us were to need it eventually).

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Cubey Terra    0

I just built a PC in the Elite 130. When I went to install my MSI GTX 1060 6GB card, it was too tall to fit under the 5.25" drive bay. I had to remove the drive bay by drilling out the rivets.



  • Use screws to attach the 5.25" drive bay so that it's easily removable.
  • Include one or more optional horizontal mounting racks across the top of the case (like the vertical cage, but across the top), to provide mounting points for more drives if the drive bay is removed.

Other than that, it's a great case.

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