Seidon 120v v2 - Light flickering.

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Just over the past few hours I've noticed that my CM Seidon 120v v2's light has been flickering on and off.  Sometimes with long intermissions before coming back on.  I was wondering if this was indicative of a failing pump, I've only had this unit for 4 months.  The current idle temperature ranges from 37 degrees to 49 degrees at idle.




Intel I7 4790K

MSI Z97S motherboard.

Corsair Vengence Pro 16 gb ram.

GTX 970 4gb graphics card.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Sunday Morning    178
Hey Man ,


Welcome to CM forum


As i know seidon 120v v2 have stable Led light ... During ON


Before this your seidon Led also stable right? after four month your seidon ( as you mention ) mean your seidon have problem.


my suggestion try reinstall your seidon and try doing house keeping .. and see how the result .. if you still facing same issue .. RMA is the best way


others option is contact CM support services ... tell them regarding this issue :)


Oh man .... own seidon 120v from 2014 until today still kicking in my system. 


Btw idle 37c is prety good enough ... my idle at 32-37 i5 4690k 12/7




Hope this can help you.

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