Derek Hawkins

MasterLiquid Pro 240 pump RPM

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CM Patrick    34

Hello Derek,


Yes, the pumps RPM range is 1100 RPM ~ 3300 RPM.


Please let us know if you have any other questions


CMUSA Suport

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Sunday Morning    177
17 hours ago, Archi Sarroza said:

Hi, Is this the same pump speed to be expected to the non pro version? (MasterLiquid 240)

Welcome to CM forum .

Hi Archi , May i know RPM for your ML 240 ? :)

Owner this Cooling My RPM 1500-3000 run full speed

Please check this link : The Pump RPM of MasterLiquid

If you still concerned please issue ticker to customer services


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rahul rushi    0

Hi i purchased cooler master masterliquid 240 and i am using msi mag z390 motherboard even i connected all the connections for pump and fans the pump rpm remains zero can you please help me and my cpu is running at 100 degrees

in even system startup also the temp is incresing from 80 - 100 degrees

i changed thermal paste also and rebuild the pc again even the problem is same

i updated all sofwares and drivers 




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