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This is a case mod based on an episode of Star Wars - The Clone Wars. 


Series one, episode 10.  "Lair of Grievous" .












The case I am modding is the CM Storm Sniper Black Edition











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Right side panel




Using a sheet of 2mm thick foam rubber, mark out design, then cut





Glue the pieces onto case panel



Paint, and add more pieces



More paint, more pieces



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Ok, so it seems this works better if you upload the pictures elsewhere, and use the image button to embed them?


Right hand side.




The tubing is done with 3mm diameter polyurethane tube.




Thread some wire into the tube, then bend it into shape. Use a lighter to heat the tube for tighter bends.

Prime with plastic primer, then paint. When paint is  dry,  glue into position. 

Edited by Andrew McIntosh

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Left hand side




The 3 'balls' on either side are  made from clear casting resin.




I've used an ice cube tray as a mold. Coat the mold with a thin layer of olive oil to stop the resin from sticking.




Once resin has cured, remove from mold and  wash the oil off.


Paint with a translucent paint to act as a diffuser - I have used Montana Gold "Magic White"


I have drilled a small hole into the back of these,  as small LED lamps will be inserted.  


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Motherboard - Asus X99 Sabertooth

CPU - Intel Core  i7-5820k

GPU - 2 x Asus ROG MARS760-4GD5

RAM - G.Skills Ripjaws 4  DDR4 2400Mhz (4 x 4gb)

PSU - EVGA Supernova 1200 P2

SSD - 256GB Samsung 950 Pro M2

CPU Cooler - Coolermaster Nepton 240M


As General Grevious has four arms and fights with  four lightsabers, one would assume quad sli to be an appropriate setup for his lair.


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Here's the case stripped back. Drive bays were also removed - though I seem to have misplaced a couple of photos relevant to this post.



Hardware installed in photos below. 

For cooling, Nepton 240m radiator mounted to top of case, configured as exhaust.

2 x 200mm fans mounted to front of case (intake)

140mm fan mounted in base (intake)

120mm fan mounted to rear (exhaust)

(There is also a 200mm fan mounted to the side panel, intake airflow for GPUs)







Purchased one of the MARS760 new approx 1 year ago. The other was purchased 2nd hand a few weeks ago. 

Turns out that they have consecutive serial numbers!  I guess they were always meant to be together :occasion5:



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So, this is what a few old mortice locks look like when you pull them apart. Some of those pieces look like letters....





Which led to this..



Which ended up like this, mounted to top of case



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