Emon Khan

Issues with MasterCase Pro 5 optical drive

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Emon Khan    1

Hi guys, first of all this case is amazing, best case I ever bought!

I just finished my build yesterday. Here is what I currently rock:


Asus H170 Pro 

Corsair H100i V2


980 Gtx Ti



Getting to the issue, when I put anything in my optical drive my case goes nuts, basically the side window vibrates and makes horrible noises, when I remove the window the noise goes away.


I am not sure whats going on here, All I did is install the optical drive, hit the lock button and thats it, I don't think I needed to do anything else right?


Please help me, or I will never be able to use the optical disc ever again lol.

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CM Bram    35

Hi there,


I believe a ODD drive shouldnt be spinning as long as you are not executing any reads from there, so are you sure it is from the ODD that is causing a vibration? 

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