Connecting fans/leds to Storm Trooper/Stryker front panel controller.

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Xion    0

Hi. I am currently working on building a PC for the first time. I am interested in using the Storm Trooper/Stryker chassis for my build. Based on the case manual, the front panel fan controller have 4 connections for fan power (3 pin) and 3 connections for led (2 pin). Has anyone with this case attempt to connect more (speed & led) to the front panel controller using splitters? What is the maximum that people have done? Are there specific quality splitters, if any, that I would use?


It seems if I want to be able to turn led on/off, I have to use Cooler Master BC fans which has the separate 2 pin led cable. How about the fan power 3-pin connectors? Are they specific to Cooler Master Fans or can I use Noctua or Corsair fans with the 3 pin connectors?

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CM Bram    35

You can connect/split from the controller to more fans and/or LEDs, altho I am not sure of the max number.. 

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