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Alex Dunkel    0

I've been using the Scout 2 Advanced for 3 years, and I have to say that it's the best case I've ever had.  I especially like the handle on top.  (The case may be heavy, but I'm a rock climber, so my hands can easily handle carrying a heavy system around.)


With that said, I'd like to see a few tweaks to make it truly a dream case (for me):


1) USB-C connectors on the front panel in addition to a few USB-A.


2) Slightly more room for the HDD cage.  With my system, the side panel flattens the cables attaching to my 3.5" HDDs.


3) A built-in fan controller, possibly for a higher end model.


USB-C is the most important thing I want to see added.  My phone already uses the standard, and I expect higher end USB thumb drives to start switching over soon.  And who knows what else will come along in the future...


If you implemented the first 2 suggestions, I would buy the revamp immediately.

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Sunday Morning    174

+ on the top user can put 240mm radiator on the top


+ fully modular


+ Reset Button , Led Button , On Button have LED + Hdd Led Activity


+ Cover Psu


+ Right Side panel change too ( like MasterCase Pro 5 )


+ Dust Filter ( Front Cover ) Removal 

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