CM Master Flow 5 ?

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Hello dear CM Community,

for the beginning i'm sorry for my bad english :P Learned it from playing games (not school).


I'm a person that doesn't like to watercool GPU cards, why?
Because i change a graphiccard each 2 years or each new architecture for example 40nm > 28nm (14nm Pascal).

So selling a GPU with a waterblock is way harder than selling it without one.

I do this Mod to make my system run quiet and cooler than in any other case.


I have many ideas but no company cares about this...

So i will mod my own case to see how my mod can improve the airflow.

Maybe CM will build a case called Master Flow :) (That's also my goal).

Stay tuned!


CPU: 4790K + Intel 120mm Watercooling.

GPU: Zotac 980ti AMP Extreme
MB: AsRock Extreme 4 Z97

RAM: 4x4 TridentX DDR3 2400mhz CL10
PSU: BeQuiet Dark Power P10 650Watt

Currently thoughts:
TOP: 2x 140mm
Front: 1x 140mm, 1x 120mm
Side: 1x 140mm, 4x 80-92mm
Side(tray): none
Back: 1x 120mm

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