Marlon van der Linde

Ambient Air Chilling prior to case intake

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Hi everyone


A bit of a wild/enthusiast/off-on-a-tangent post... a bit of a fun idea.


I live in Cape Town, South Africa, summers are around 35-40C, and indoors can be 30+

I don't really have or want a home aircon, so I have quite a wild ambient temp. 


What I do have is two gaming pc's in a room, and our CM Seidon and Nepton coolers - which rock!


I am flirting with the idea of "air chilling". Ie: Cooling ambient air prior to intake.

What I am NOT referring to is cooling the home/house/room, so don't suggest an airconditioner :-)


Have any of you given it any thought? Peltier coolers, other device that can be installed in a 80 or 120mm hose that can drop air below ambient, before it is pumped into a case or through a liquid cooler radiator.


I have seen some posts where folks basically have ducting that obtain air from outside the home, where outdoor temps are cold/chilly. This is cool, for winter maybe, where we see 16C outside (and 25C indoors).


But I feel more creative...  *scratch beard*







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I have heard of Peltier coolers integrated into CPU cooling solutions, but not an "add-on" device to connect up to the intake air.


I'm sure it'll work - maybe it'll be more economical?


As this is "off-topic", have you checked other forums to broaden the audience of this question (ATOT, HWS, etc.)?

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