Mini ITX case like a drawer (so you won't worry about size)

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so i recently built interest in building a mini itx gaming pc but the gpu size (which i haven't bought yet) always make me unsure about the case size if it is going to fit or not, so i had a idea of a small case that can grow or shrink according to your needs.


imagine a case where it is cut in the middle and there is a tube connecTed to the front and rear of the case, making it able to slide in and out.


something like this (sideview):




this kind of slider would have to be in all sides to work.


the psu could go in the front of the case (psu's cooler would be facing the front of the case) so you can be able to use modular atx psu and would leave space for big cpu coolers on top of the mobo.


there should be some small "O" all around the case to be able to hold all wires on the corners without having to use some kind of tape, a cable tie would be used instead.


hdd and ssd could go on the top or in one of the sides, a radiator could go in one of the sides.


make it yours.

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