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Master Case 5 Pro... Last Cooler Master product I will purchase.

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Sorry for the vent. I usually don't post my experience with products because everyone has an opinion on everything and who really cares right? Every time I would go to build a new computer, everyone would recommend cooler master. So my last 3 builds used the Scout, Storm Trooper and now the Master Case 5.  Each had issues that were deal breakers for me but I just lived with it. The Scout, I wanted a handle to carry it to our lan parties, The handle was hard plastic, half placed on half so the plastic seam would cut into your hand which ruined the whole reason I bought it. The Storm Trooper felt cheaply made and..  Ok, forget about past experiences.


The Master Case 5 pro case. Bought it for the handles again. Again a big fail. The handles are metal, they flex, cut into your hands, the plastic  shroud that covers the water cooling fans unclips and tries to slide off when you carry it (probably because poorly designed an the over weight nature of this case) and the bottom screen filter for the power supply also slides out when carrying it. More worthless for carrying around than the Scout because the scout would at least hold together while it was punishing your hand for carrying it.


The screw holes for the power supply were not lined up right and we nearly impossible to get the power supply screws in. Not everything was bad. I was able to get the Swiftech H240-X cooler into the case but it blocked the top CD rom bays. All my computers have 2  blu-ray drives in them for disk copy. In the scout this would not be an issue because it has 5 knockouts for CDrom drives, the Master Case 5 Pro only has 2 knock outs and you would have to cut into major metal supports to put another drive in there. So I am only able to fit one drive, really? This is supposed to be a moders case? How about just support basic components like a few CDRom drive slot. What if I wanted to put a 5.25" bay monitor or flash card reader and 2 CDRom drives, you cannot do it in the Master case 5. Someone was not thinking when they designed this case. Huge disappointment. Why did I not return it? The CPU was purchased from the Intel Retail edge program which took longer to get to the house and I went over the date for the return policy so I could not send it back. All the Cooler master cases I have purchased have had issues and while I don't expect any case to be perfect the should at least perform well for what they were designed for. Neither Scout or Master Case 5 are good for carrying around, this should be the first and foremost thing on the designers mind when designing a case with handles for carrying. Very few other cases are available with this feature so it was one of the main intents and it should have been top priority. It wasn't and for me a big disappointment.



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