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Seidon 120v ver.2 Automatically Computer Shutdown

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Hello Evryone,


Yesterday my computer during normal use gaming, shutdown and now will not start anymore, automatically shutdown after 5-10 seconds from power.
I've tried all, change all single component, CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, but at last the problem is the Seidon and don't know why...
The Fan of Seidon normally Run and the Blue Led on Core Pump is on.
In the few second (10-15 second if I do the Clear Cmos) on the startup, i can enter on the BIOS (My motherboard is ASUS M5A97 Pro 2.0) and i can see the temperature of the CPU which rises gradually from 30° to 48° than the computer shutdown, and there's only the Rpm of the Fan 16xx normally, the other strings say N/A.
The 4 pin Connector of the Fan is on the CPU_FAN attack, and the other 3 pin connector of the Pump is on the near attack CHA_FAN.
With another Cpu Fan System (a default System fan) the computer normally Run.
Hope someone of you can tell me what is the problem.
Thx All

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Welcome to CM forum.


try check and read :


1, try Disconnected your Seidon and try reseat or Repump the Seidon 120v rev2 and see How the result


2, try tighten the screws by hand as much as you can and then give them 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn with a screwdriver.  ( dont over )


3, If you start up the cooler, you should feel the pump working // running. (if you touch the tubes or the cpu block, you should fee a small vibration, indicating there is a water flow.The pump RPM should be around 2000-2300 RPM btw., 


4, RMa or Replace your unit if you still get the same problem.


5, Last step , If you're really concerned, I would recommend contacting support services via email // ticket // live chat and seeing what they say about it-- they should be able to tell you more definitively.


Hope this can help you

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Sunday Morning    177



Some one replace his seidon 120v rev2 with setup as below :


I used my first setup with pump connected to 3-pin PWR_FAN and fan connected to 4-pin CPU_FAN. Pump runs at full speed as it should and the fan is controlled with temperature of CPU.
All is good.
CPU can get down to 22°C and up to 40-55°C depending on the type of load. 
Fans are fairly quiet too. Good airflow but no space to dual fan. Just pleased it's all working nicely! 

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