DDR3 (RAM) scratched

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So i did something so dumb today 

1. got ddr2 ram for ddr3 slot


i have two ripperjawX 4gb ram i took them out and kept them together and threw them on my bed ... the other mental case around the ram hit the other ram :/ i check it out i thought it was just some crap on my ram so i scraped off the chip a bit ...



Gold part scratched off like this         /          bit smaller and the bottom got a small coming off so am i good? im building my pc so dont judge 



is 4gb of ram good enough for playing games and recording ish???? recording is a maybe...


but i dont care if i have to throw away ...

as long as 4gb is good and 8gb wont be needed if 8gb is needed then i can steal some ram JK U THOUGHT but i can rebuy 





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