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v8gts and memory question

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Sunday Morning    177

No comment for no1 and no2 .. great Combo :)


850w or 1k watt will be good enough for you system


For Sli or CF setup 1k watt will be good enough plus Ocing ... but if you really want over killer get new Cooler Master product MasterWatt 1200w ( not release yet ) :P


For graphic card Go to Nvidia .. gtx 970 :)


Here is link for psu :

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If no OC, you can do without the memory module cooler; as long as they have heat spreaders, the fan from the V8 will be plenty.


PSU choices are fine (1200W?  Wow - that's a lot), but I have only one experience with Ultra PSUs - and it wasn't good; but please, take that with a grain of salt.


GTX 970?  :thumbup:  That's what I got in my rig.

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well as i said before in another post was that my old computer bit the dust because it was sprayed by two male cats while it was on.  My wife and I had to move and we had to go to temporary housing with some friends and this is where it happened  the original rig was purchased at Comp USA and Tiger Direct which both are now defunct.  Tiger is coming back as something else we will have to wait and see about what they come to. 

The original computer consisted of  an MSI Z77A-G45 Motherboard with an I-5 3570K Processor/ Being Coole by a Cooler Master V6 CPU Cooler/ 32 Gigs of Patriot Viper Extreme memory/ A pair of Sapphire 7770 GHZ Edition Video Cards set up in Crossfire Mode/ The Ultra 850 Watt Modular Power Supply/ A Pioneer Blu-Ray Burner and Player and all of this housed in a Cooler Master  Haf - 932 Case.

When the Cats did this it caused my mother board to short out the Video Card to go out as well as the Processor  So these are the things i am going to have to replace as well as the V6 to which i dropped and broke the  heat pipes on one side so this is what I need to replace .  So this is why I am asking all these questions  I am getting together the parts to replace what was messed up by these creatures.  I did get a reprieve to the point of one of my friends is giving me a V8 GTS as an early Birthday gift to help put this together. one less thing tp Putchase.  The input from all you guys is very important to me as it helps me get my new system up and runniung.  one step at a time.

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