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Hi everyone, I´m Isidro aka ST.o.CH (Stage of Chaos), I´m from Portugal and this is my project for the most awesome modding competition on "The" Milky Way aka The Cooler Master Casemod World ( and beyond) Series 2016.


Sponsored by 4_logo2015-90x70.png

With a special thanks to Sofia Mota from Cooler Master Portugal.


The story of Bellardo ZMR 500 V4 born in 1994, at that time the original idea was an V8 two stroke engine with eight valves per cylinder, the ultimate goal was to fabricate an entire Moto Grand Prix ( presently as know as Moto GP) technology by starting with the engine.

I was a dream back in those days that was to join the control from the four stroke engines to the brutality and power of the two stroke engines. Four years later and after thousands hours of research and learning ( I started from ground zero in 1994).


I did the very first ever sketch of what should be the future two stroke engine.

Did in four cylinder form for easier analysing and development.


High lights were triple camshaft with variable control in time and space with open and close valve system aka Exxoeight, internal refrigeration of pistons. 

Basically was this an attempt to solve the lack of control characteristic of two stroke engine, as well to improve the exhaust particles.

The motor was so many improvements as well the double of errors ( discovered in further investigation until 2002 approximately).

Six years later, in 2008 I succeeded to achieve the solution for the problem I created in 1994. Well... as the first evolution would take over the control and ecological issues, the second evolution should overcome the vibration issues, make it like an electric or Wankel engine without their problems.


The ZMR stands for Zhodde Motor Radical and defines my own two stroke engine.

Bellardo means the beauty explosion with the brutality pure power, Bell = Bello, beauty; ardo = arder (portuguese burn ), explosion, perfect two stroke engine.

1996 V4 prototype.


1996 V2 model.


And 1998 race model.



This project is a representation of a Moto Grand Prix bike, also is what should be the Bellardo ZMR 500 V4 2016 edition.

Has the purpose of increasing my learning curvature in terms of handcraft, also closing the gap of the project development since the first idea, sketch, fabrication issues until final model, pré-série prototype.

In this work I´ll learn to make tridimensional curvatures such the double frame chassis, etc.


The pictures of an idea in first place.


I post only this because industrial property issues.


And after place my mind in place, I started the build itself.


First I needed an itx board, no problem, chopped down an old pga 370 socket  to 17cm times 17cm.


Next make the motherboard tray and place the psu under it.


After comes the lower fairing.

2D form.


3D form.


The double cradle frame in aluminium.

Looking for symmetries.


The tools that made for.


The moto bank.


Detailed views.


That´s all for the moment.


Thank you for reading.


Until then for more hancraft.

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ST.o.CH    19



Continuing the work, after the cradle frame I did the first approaching to the tank, made in 4mm thick.

Also figured out how would be the wheel, sketched in paint.
Looks promising.

Back with the fuel tank, I got the idea to make there the place for storage.

On bellow follows the build of 3,5 inches drive, but in the future can be transformed to two 2,5 drives.

The drills and the sheet, 1,5mm aluminium thick.



DSC_0552%20Coacutepia_zps3yqcn2gw.jpgThe warranty has voided so long ago, modding it.
Then the sheet went for other preparation.

Bending time.

Later I worked a bit more on tank and then put it together with other parts.

At this point of the project I become to see that would need to make changes in order the bike looks cool, and so you can expect there will be modifications on course of project.
Thank you for your support, 
Have a nice day ( H.A.N.D.) and see you soon. :thumbup:



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ST.o.CH    19

Hi modders, 


Time for an update with the side fairings and a test by polishing one side of the frame.


Also bring the feet holder, all made one hundred per cent by hands, mine.


The pictures on below.


Detailed views.

More to come soon, stay tuned,




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ST.o.CH    19



Update with the wheel,


Rim made in brass and aluminium, parts joined with screws.

The tire was an Michelin CT2S 130/60-13 chopped down to 140/...~8,5".

The first attempt didn´t went well, one week´s work lost.


Second attempt, second week in wheel, fixed.


The tire.


The pack.


The entire build as far as now.



More to come,

Cheers and ...

Have a nice day.


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ST.o.CH    19



Update with the front.


The front´s design was inspired on my new avatar, changed to moto mode and is made in aluminium sheet and acrylic, two plates of ten mm thick to optics and one 8mm thick to glass.

The acrylic was bent in home furnace at 135~140 degrees Celsius.


Looking for simetries.


Mounted without the paper tape.


Closer views.


The entire work together.



More to come,

Stay tune to more 100% handcraft.


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ST.o.CH    19

:thumbup: very good work bro :)

Thank you EVIL PT, appreciated.


As a matter of fact it´s time for one more update.


This day I bring the mono arm to connect the wheel to the bike.


Made in 4mm thick aluminium, cuted, drilled and bounded by hand was to be in one piece, but something went wrong.

When a mistake happens borns an opportunity to make things right, three three mm screws solved the problem, done.


The pictures.


Detailed views of the mono arm.


Also macros of  the seat.


As you can see in detailed pictures it´s all handmade.


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.



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ST.o.CH    19



Today I bring small improvements in fuel tank, feet stand, and, finally did managed the calibration of the bike.


I made as well the spider that holds the front to the tank, strengthening the structure in that point.



Until then.



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ST.o.CH    19



Update with the feet stand that holds the bike to the wheel and makes it stand up.


Made in 8mm acrylic and 4mm aluminium thick follows the asymmetric design of the mono arm.






Cutting the excess.


Ready to ensemble.


Working on acrylic.


The entire build as far as now.


Until then,


Thanks for reading.

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