Socket 1151 mobo + Hyper 212 EVO

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thantrax    0

I'm building a new pc (Intel Z170 chipset + Socket 1151) and I need to know if Hyper 212 EVO could be used as cpu cooler or I have to buy the new Hyper 212X.




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Sunday Morning    174



Welcome to CM Forum


2015.07.21Cooler Master announces Intel® Skylake ready CPU Coolers
Cooler Master, a leading PC components and accessories, has confirmed support for the new Intel® Skylake series CPU with socket LGA 1151 socket with our award-winning air and liquid cooling products.
All current and future CPU coolers by Cooler Master that support socket 115x series will continue to work for socket 1151 and the CPUs released based on design platform.
This means everything from the Hyper series, including the industry-leading Hyper 212 EVO, to the award-winning Nepton liquid cooling system will be compatible for these new series of CPUs.
If you're really concerned, I would recommend contacting support services and seeing what they say about it-- they should be able to tell you more definitively.
Hope this can help you
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