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Backlight and Scroll Lock conflict

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I am so glad there is an option to turn the light on and off.  Who ever turns the light off other than to use excel?  This is so stupid. I am glad i got this Devastator 2 as for my second PC after getting the MasterLite Keys and mouse combo which is way better in every way.  I wonder if the devastator 3 is fixed, not that i would buy it.

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On 3/12/2016 at 2:22 PM, Steve Cutter said:

I have a CMStorm Devastator keyboard with blue backlight. I am a big user of 'Excel'. However, when you put the keyboard 'Backlight' on using the 'Scroll Lock' key, it applies the 'Scroll Lock' to 'Excel' and I can't 'Arrow' between cells.....I have to turn 'Scroll Lock' off to use 'Excel', but then I can't see the keyboard as it turns the 'Backlight' off. .....Arghhhhh!!!.......

I have downloaded 'Sharp Keys' to remap the 'Scroll Lock' key elsewhere....but then I lose the 'Backlight' altogether. This must be a common problem.....How do I manage to get the 'Backlight' on without applying the 'Scroll Lock' ?

It is possible to move around cells in Excel with a combination of SHIFT, TAB and ENTER to move Up, Down, Left or Right







It is frustrating that there is no alternative other than modifying the keyboard, but this is the most simple solution I can offer

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