Byron Eastridge

V8 + Evga X99 classified

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It blocks the 1st PCI-E slot but sits well above Corsairs Dominator series memory. Leaves enough room incase memory needs replaced for upgrading.

I moved the Titan X to slot 4

With the I7 5930k overclocked from 3.5 to 3.8 the V8 beast keeps 1st core around 33-35 and other 5 cores 29-33 all on idle.

3 more days for the Arctic Sliver 5 to fully set.

A picture of it before I added my Titan X

as you can see  memory sits well under it and slot 1 is covered




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Running Star Citizen temps never got above 45, running a firestrike benchmark got temps to 48 on first core 43-45 on rest.

Between the Titan X, motherboard and corsair case/memory it looks like a Christmas tree inside red white and green lights to light up the dark. Large windowed side.

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