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Custom macro delay for CM Havoc

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CM Bram    35

Can you be a bit more precise what you want to record? You should be able to set custom macro's including specific ms values.. 


This video might help:

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He means selecting a custom delay value per key press.  This used to be available in the Sentinal Advance II software, but is not present in the CM Havoc software.


For example using an MMO.  We want to time the button presses precisely;


Press 1 Key - 12ms

Release 1 Key - 12ms

Press 2 Key - 2500ms

Release 2 Key - 12ms

Press 3 Key - 1234ms

Release 3 Key - 12ms


We can't manually edit the timing (ms).  This would allow us to precisely control the creation of a macro.  We can record our keypress, but it's not as accurate.  Seems like a simple request.  The macro file already contains these values, but we are unable to edit from the UI or via text editor.


This is a major issue.  If we can not control timing of the macro precisely, what is the point of the macros?

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