CM Strom QuickFire Ultimate ping/metalic sound problem

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Dawid    0

Hi guys, I purchased my keyboard about month ago. It's a blast to type on, but unfortunately I started to notice quite annoying metalic sounds while typing. They are present on all the keys, almost all the time and can be heard especially on the space, backspace and enter key, probably because I tend to press on them harder than on the other keys. It's possible that the sound was present from the beginning and I started to notice it after some time. From what I can tell a source of the problem may be metalic plate inside the keyboard and not the spring in switch. I think like that, because the keyboard makes almost the same "ping" sounds if I'm tapping on the case only. I also watched some sound-test videos of typing on the same keyboard, and unfortunately sound of mine is rather different in comparison to others from the videos. I even recorded some sound samples, to see if it would change anything. The "ping" sound is still present, but it's not as visible, as in real-life experience.


I tried to send some attach files with audio samples, but I am not permitted to do this. I'm just gonna put few links to dropbox instead (I hope it's not prohibited, I'm really sorry if it is):





What do you guys think? Is it normal for this type of keyboards to have that many loud "ping" noises and I am just too sensitive? Or is it some kind of defect in the board (metal plate) itself? The keyborad is really great, the best thing I have ever typed on. Unfortunately the sound kinda ruins my expierience :C

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kartana    5

There are actually two types of "pings". The first comes from the stabilizers under those larger buttons (space, backspace, enter). It's normal because of the stabilizer being metal.


The second "ping" is probably when you release buttons like E, R, F, K etc. then it is the ping coming from the metal backplate the switches are mounted on. If you tap on the frame of the keyboard or on the bottom you might hear it also. My new XTi does the same. Especially button E, R, F, I etc. Drives me nuts!  So annoying. People say it is normal to but I don't think it is or should be.


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