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Replacement fan for CM 690 II Advanced

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I have a CM 690 II Advanced and the top 140 x 25 mm fan has started making noises and spinning erraticaly. I want to replace the fan, but I'm unsure what I can get as a replacement from coolermaster. It looks like the following 140mm fan is meant for the 690 (not positive for my model though).



Unfortunately I don't see this model available in the store. Any advice?

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Sunday Morning    177

Hey Jim  ..


Wellcome to CM forum ...


Here is Store Us : http://www.cmstore-usa.com/


Here is Store Eu : http://www.cmstore.eu/


Other solution is try contact CM agent via Email // live Chat // Ticket


You can contact them and tell regarding you problem


Hope this can help you

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Why not go for 12cm fans? CM's 12cm fans are having more selection and longer life span. 

While I'm a fan of CM's products, but they are having limited numbers of 14cm fans model is what makes me feel not happy with it.

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