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Scout 2 - Where's the actual documentation?

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20yrs as a Unix sysadmin by day, I have built PC's before using conventional chassis. I purchased a Scout 2 a couple of years ago, but the only documentation I can see is a pamphlet that comes with it (same for the website).


OK there are markings on the internals for a ATX board, where is the documentation for,...

a) what the leads are from the front?

B) disassembling the front to add a new fan?

c) where the power supply goes?

d) how the sliding racks for 5.25 drives work?

e) how to disassemble the extra disk trays?

f) cable routing diagrams?


Don't get me wrong, I like logic puzzles (I used to hang around Bletchely Park) but I don't like them in technical products I purchase. Anyone done the hard yards here already?

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Not to be rude here ? but was just inside my scout today installing a motherboard and system and pretty much all the connectors for front panel etc are either labeled or self explanatory for anyone that ever built a PC  best recommendation is to get a flashlight and some reading glasses to see the fine print and the pins on motherboard.

and front usb are 2.0 so if your motherboard doesn't support 2.0 that's why you cant find a place to plug them in. Also consult your motherboard manual during install this is not the time to just wing it unless you have installed your board many times in the past .

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