Jayce Lou

Seidon 120V Plus vs Seidon 120XL vs Nepton 120XL

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Jayce Lou    0

How does it compare in term of performance/dollar?


120V Plus being a entry level product where 120XL kind of like a slightly more better version?


Nepton 120XL was actually top of line in term of price.


How would you choose between these three? What's the Pros and Cons?

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Sunday Morning    174

Hi Bro :)


My opinion as below


The story like we bought the graphic cards :)


First GTX 670 and GTX 680 after that GTX 690 ... story almost same  .. definitely the GTX 690 is good // power and the price as well :)


Try invest to buy nepton ( you will not be disappointed or regret with the performance )


Honestly if i have more cash .. i go take Nepton 240m .. because i know Nepton can handle my system with low temp and more silent


Maybe some one can explain more detail regarding the Pros and Cons

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Do you have room for a double fan radiator?  I quickly outgrew my 120M a couple of months after installing it in.


Good system, the 120 series - and will work well if that's all you have room for.  But squeeze a 240 series in if you can.

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