Stephen Dreher

Need help with my 1st build...CPU Cooling

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This is my 1st attempt and I'm stumbling to find a CPU fan that will "bolt" up nicely to a GiGabyte G1 Z170MX Gaming 5 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard. Also have Intel i5-6600K Processor.

I read of some folks having to buy additional hardware to make their fan fit?

:) fun being a newbie!

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Share on other sites's what one guy says on Newegg:


Cons: Huge. Kinda difficult to fit on a mATX board
Fan and heatsink don't come pre-assembled.
Comes in direct contact with memory heatsink AND rear exaust fan but that's probably because I have a tight system. 
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A MICRO-ATX BOARD, especially if you have memory modules with big heatsink

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