Nepton 280L pin connection

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jukaie    1

Hi there, I just want to ask for advice on my Nepton 280L. I have just installed the Nepton 280L on my GIGABYTE GA-x58a UD3R motherboard (connected pump pin connector to motherboard CPU fan and connected Y cable the the sys fan 2 4pin of my motherboard) but the two 140mm fans are still very noisy.


I have noticed that the Nepton CPU pin for the pump is a 3 pin connector. Is it possible for me to connect the pump connector to a regular 3 pin to my motherboard and the 4 pin connector of the two 140mm fans to the CPU fan to my motherboard so that the speed can be regulated?


I really appreciate some help on this :)


Thanks in advance guys!


Have a nice day!

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knud    128

The 140mm fans are not the most quiet models. You could consider changing them to Silencio FP fans - that is what I'm using and it runs very quietly actually.

If you change them to PWM models, your M/B will be able to control them smoothly. However, 3pin can also be speed controlled. (But I'm not familiar with your M/B and its fan speed control)

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